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Choosing the right motor

Choosing your gate motor.

Sliding gate motors and swing gate motors are rated by the weight and dimensions of a gate. A sliding gate on flat ground that slides easily is different as if the driveway slopes up from the road. This will make no difference to the motor but if the driveway slopes down from the road then a larger motor will be needed. 

Motor usage

The amount of "Cycles" a gate motor does is also important. A general household gate will only do a few cycles a day, so you will only need to have a motor rated for "Residential" use. Where as a gated community sharing one gate could do 100's of cycles a day. So a motor with a better "Duty Cycle" is needed. Usually rated for "Commerical" use. 

Good Value for Money

We all love a bargain but sometimes that comes at a cost.

Our motors are Quality Italian made products at great prices and backed with a 2 year warranty!

What Each Motor KIT Includes

Two remote controls and 4m rack for Sliding gate kits, this can be changed if need be. Pricing includes GST. All sliding gate/Swing gate motors listed can be solar powered except for larger industrial motor. FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE*